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Knowledge Base Population and Reasoning: The project purpose is to assist Departments and International Governments through education and research in the areas of compliance and auditing improving public policies and administrative approaches analyzing the affects of change in the family unit across the world and how affects communities nationwide and internationally with cultural awareness, with cultural programs and improvement family unit quality of life comparison of International Programs in Natural Disasters, War and Recession versus the American system of restoration family units monetary systems in modification of Psychology Finance.

Clinical Research-
Independent Practicing Psychologist
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The Four File Folders System of time management skills with basic accounting is Psychology Finance cognitive approach with psycho-social stages of human conditioning. The support and budget analysis folders process is formulated through social interaction of law of effect through experience building permanent, but adjustable behavior patterns of time efforts and money building equity mind-set for all ages. A humanistic approach structured learned behavior in spending through observation, instruction and experience.

Modification of Behavior Field Study  

Modification of Behavior Clinical Study  

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Crime Prevention Behavioral Modification  

Structure time frame in three parts of identifying and changing the problem that is short-term, managing crisis through operant awareness and assisting clients acknowledging disorders resulting from long term exposure within home and community.

Field Research/Lab
Department of Interior
Contract T143005008

Socioeconomic factors social cultural/ecotype/spatial behaviors influencing the monetary system of a home, population/geographical codes of medicology and climatology of spatial behaviors that is influence by environment/habitat. Criminology/social science of forensic science in psychology finance. Importance of the program is to submit accurate data analysis to government sources.

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Research and psychology education need with services from Making Life Smile Organization Corporation based in Albuquerque, N.M. We specialize in providing a unique approach in research of social science, social services, emergency services and social services advocates in public law forum research in Psychology Finance. Our team of experts help you recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to the health and welfare of the people in the world today. 

The reduction of welfare assistance in the nation, how changes will effect families and their households, creating worth among communities and working with structured policies, laws, community ideas and concepts of community with political views. The project report research and cognitive therapy (NPI registered) approaches analyzing the effects of change in family units and how it affects communities nationwide and internationally with cultural awareness, and the improvement of the Home Economics Education Program-Psychology Finance for education as a Federal Project sponsored by Department of Interior. 



RESEARCH - Compliance and Auditing of Social Science, Social Services, Emergency Services and Social Services Advocates by Departments. Clinical study is intervention designed with cognitive behavioral prevention, modification of behavior/discipline and managed skills by age stages in the field of expertise Psychology Finance2014.


We specialize in providing a unique approach in clinical services in the area of Psychology Finance. Team efforts of experts help recognize the problems and take action to decrease or eliminate potential impacts to the health and welfare of the people in the world today.

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